MIRA Digital Kitchen Royal Blue Scale Review!

So your preparing a wonderful meal that you have been working very hard on all day. Adding this ingredient after that ingredient and finally your done. But wait? What the.. Oh my, it isn't at all what it was originally intended to be. Your thinking, "this can't be happening, what went wrong?" Blame it on your unreliable scale telling you that you had the right amount of ingredients. It lied to you. The nerve! It doesn't need to be that way ever again with the MIRA Digital Kitchen Royal Blue Scale. Let me tell you why...
Get this, you will never need to worry about container weight! No longer do you need to subtract the container weight to calculate your food and ingredients. The MIRA glass kitchen scale's Tare feature instantly calculates the net weight of the ingredients (automatically subtracts the container weight to calculate the weight of the ingredients being weighed). That's why your beautiful meal previously failed, a food scale must be accurate  You are measuring your ingredients for a reason; your scale must be accurate! This MIRA accurate digital kitchen scale is equipped w/ 4 new high precision GFX sensors. The MIRA Touch Digital Kitchen Scale provides accurate measurements from 0.1 oz. to 11 lbs. (1 gm - 5250 gm). MIRA Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale (11 lb), Beautiful Royal Blue Tempered glass surface - 4 times stronger than normal glass. Extra large LCD size. Digital kitchen scale with advanced touch sensitive buttons for easy operation. No more squinting to see the food scale display with the large easy-to-read LCD display that displays weights in pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces (lb./oz, kg/g, fl.oz., ml). LCD size: size: 56*45mm Slim profile kitchen scale and even fits nicely in small spaces, the perfect size for a kitchen scale. Accurately weighs measurements from .1 oz. to 11 lbs. (1 gram to 5250 grams)

MIRA really knows their scales. If you have read any of my other reviews on MIRA scales they are really something to rave about. Not only for the overwhelming features jam packed into their products but how gorgeous of a design they display. I just LOVE this scale. How many scales have you heard of that can subtract the weight of a container that your food is in? This MIRA Digital Kitchen Scale can do it without even knowing what the container originally is. Now that's a smart scale, maybe too smart... Not only is this scale a smarty pants but it's sleek blue design has me drooling on how beautiful it really is. The light up screen is perfect for measuring in any kind of light, there is no waver in it's luminosity. Honestly, if your looking for a kitchen scale that will treat you right, is smart and gorgeous too, get a MIRA.
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