Last Minute Turkey Deals Before Thanksgiving! (Store Categorized)

So you waited until last minute to get a Turkey from the store... You're in luck. Below you will find the sweetest deals on Fresh and Frozen Turkeys by store. Gobble, gobble!

Fresh:  $1.27 lb, with $25 minimum purchase (Foster Farms 12-22lb)
 Frozen: $0.47 lb, w/$25 minimum purchase (Honeysuckle White 12-22 lb) 
Fresh: none listed
Frozen: $0.79 lb, with $20 minimum purchase (Northern Pride)
Fiesta Mart:
Fresh: none listed
Frozen: $0.49 lb, w/$25 additional purchase (Jennie-O)
Food 4 Less: 
Fresh: none listed 
Frozen:  $0.98 per lb, $25 minimum purchase 
(10-22 lbs Jennie-O or Private Selection) 
Fresh & Easy: 
Fresh: $1.39 lb, F&E Turkey
Frozen: none listed 
Kroger & Affiliates: 
Fresh: $.99 lb w/$25 mini purchase (Kroger or Jennie-O) 
Frozen: $0.59 lb, with $25 mini purchase, (Kroger or Jennie-O , 12 – 24 lb)
Smart & Final: 
Fresh: none listed 
Frozen: $0.57 per lb, $25 minimum purchase (12-22 lb) 
Fresh: $1.49 lb, Sprouts All Natural Turkey (10-24 lb) 
Stater Bros. : 
Fresh: $1.39 lb, Jennie-O Young Turkey (12-22 lb) 
Frozen: $0.57 lb, additional $25 minimum purchase (Jennie-O or Californian 14-20 lb), 
$0.87 lb Butterball w/$25 mini purchase (12-20 lb) 
Tom Thumb:
Fresh: none listed
Frozen: $0.59 lb, Safeway (8- 16 lb), FREE Safeway or 
Honeysuckle (8-16 lb) additional $100 purchase
Fresh: $1.99 lb Open Nature Free Range Turkey 
Frozen: $10 (10-16 lb), $8 (8-16 lb), $11 (16.01-20 lb), $13 (20-24 lb) , 
$30 minimum purchase (Butterball for $10 Turkey others listed are Safeway) 
Fresh: $1.38 lb 
Frozen: $0.47 lb, $50 minimum purchase (Jennie-O Turkey) 
Winco will also price match any Turkey!  

*Remember any frozen Turkey will need to be thawed out, please give yourself a few days. Otherwise you will need a fresh turkey that is all ready thawed for you.