FREE Elf Finder 2013: Search and Track Hidden Elves App!

This holiday season – Use this Elf Finder to see if Santa’s elves are close by and watching you!! Elves are Santa’s little helpers – they make toys, feed the reindeers, and also tell Santa who’s been naughty and who’s been nice in time for Christmas! Usually, Santa’s elves are invisible to us – only Santa, his reindeers, and Mrs. Claus can see them. However, with this Elf Finder you can see if an elf is in the room or close by. Listen for the beeps and watch the detection meter – if you hear the detector beeping loudly and see the meter rise, then an elf is near by! Use this Elf Finder 2013 edition app to search for hidden elves around the house this Christmas. They may be hiding – so look for the elves on a table, look for elves by your bed, look for elves on a shelf, or even look for elves by the fridge. Just remember to watch the detection meter…if it beeps loudly and the meter rises, an elf is close by so you better be nice!
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