Are Shelf Clearers Making Other Couponers Look Bad?

Ever go to the grocery store being super excited about scoring a sweet deal on an item? Most of us have but what about arriving to an empty shelf. That happens to me all the time. All I wanted was one box of Lucky Charms... Nothing makes me more mad than someone who clears a shelf just because they can. Shelf clearers feel that if they don't do it someone else will. These people make other couponers look really bad. Don't get me wrong, couponing for your family will indeed bring great savings for you as well as your family but at what price? No real time for family or friends because they're so busy figuring out how to stock pile 300 packs of tic-tacs and shampoo. Seems a bit greedy to me. Because of these kind of couponers, most stores have changed their coupon policies and manufacturers are basically scared to put out a coupon. Why? Manipulating the system is the bottom line. Couponers are complete geniuses. For many it is the only way their family can survive and others it's a game. Many stick to the coupon policies provided my stores and guidelines stated on coupons but there are many who do not. So my questions to you are: At what point does couponing turn from saving money to a somewhat aggressive, greedy behavior? Is it too much to ask people to leave some behind for others to enjoy too? Have they ruined it for non self clearing couponers? What are your thoughts on this issue?