WRAPPED Review! Unique Wrapping Paper, Journals, Notebooks and More!

Have you heard about WRAPPED? They are a wonderful company based in Los Angeles  that takes gifting seriously. By creating unique products that have their own personality. It all started with a man and his father. His father is a painter so he grew up helping around cleaning brushes, paint, and more. He protects his worktable with butcher paper that gets saturated with paint. He would then tare off pieces of the paper to use as beautiful wrapping paper. All the recipients of his gifts would always be careful not to tear up the work of art their gift was wrapped in. Thankfully they decided to share the wonderful art with the rest of the world. Now you can get their unique items at 130 locations currently and growing.
WRAPPED is so unique, that's exactly why I absolutely love their products. Everything they make is beautiful designed and a work of art. It's an honor to wrap any gift with their gorgeous paint splatter wrapping paper with quirky gift tags. Writing in the wood designed journal they designed made everything I wrote feel that much more personalized. Even writing a simple note on their specially design notepad adds so much spice. Stationary never had it this good.  WRAPP has done it. Loured me right in with all they are. They are incredible and I know you will think so too. 

Disclaimer: Frugal Mom and Wife was provided with all item(s) mentioned in this review at no cost. Frugal Mom and Wife was not compensated for this review, item(s) were provided to facilitate the review. As always all opinions are 100% Frugal Mom and Wife's, and will only review awesome products.