Nebula Vapor Review! "How I QUIT SMOKING"

Looking for an alternative to smoking? While Nebula Vapor doesn't claim to be able to get you to quit smoking, they can really help. Buy your e-cigarettes and e-liquids online from Nebula Vapor. They have a sweet selection of top quality vaping gear, e-cigarettes and e-liquids. They carry a wide variety of starter kits, e-liquids, vaping accessories, vape mods and more. They are true vapors and they really care about the quality of the products they sell. Nebula Vapor is very knowledgeable about each and every product they sell. It's no wonder that they are one of the top reputable retailer for all your vaping needs.
Vaping is a healthier and less harmful than smoking cigarettes. According to research there are over 5,000 different chemicals in cigarettes and of which, 50 of them are toxic and cancer causing. There are around 100,000 more chemicals that haven’t yet been identified either. WOW! E-juice or e-liquid is a flavored (or sometimes flavorless) substance that vaporizes within an e-cigarette atomizer to mimic the appearance of tobacco smoke. But the important thing to note is that it is not smoke. It does not contain the many already known and harmful substances that is in tobacco smoke such as arsenic, tar, carbon monoxide… the list goes on. The nicotine juice within electronic cigarettes contains food flavoring, propylene glycol (used in night clubs in smoke machines and also in medical devices such as asthma inhalers) and vegetable glycerin, and also a small concentration of nicotine. These substances are deemed safe. What e-cigarettes do is help you quit smoking in a safer way, by only delivering nicotine into your system, to fight off withdrawal symptoms. The vapor also helps to give you that throat hit and sensation that most individuals miss when quitting smoking.

Watch the video above and see that Dr. OZ himself agrees that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes any day. This is recommended in the intentions of current smokers choosing it instead of their current cigarette habit.
To tell you the honest truth, I always hated smoking. As it is the same for many, it came and stayed. Picking up the nasty habit as a teenager I had been a smoker for quite some time. Long enough to have formed a very hard to fight off habit. I had tried before but never succeeded. For a long time a struggled with finding a sure way to help me quit with no luck. During the few years since the release of electronic cigarettes I had contemplated whether or not they could help me. One day I was ready and determined. That was all it took. The WILL to say "NO" to cigarettes finally came to help me with my fight. I knew I would need some extra help and that's where Nebula Vapor whom resides in Nashville, Tennesee came into play. Informing them on my dilemma and be very uneducated about the world of vaping, they were exactly what I needed. It was meant to be. They steered me in the right direction regarding my flavor pallet, nicotine intake, and e-cigarette choices. Pretty much everyone starts of with what else other that a "Starter Kit". I set of on my quit smoking quest with an eGo-U starter vaping kit and specially made e-liquids concocted by Nebula Vapor. MyBacco, Space Fruit, and Big Bang Berry were the 3 flavor samples I chose and absolutely loved. Space Fruit however was my most favorite. Jam packed with yummy fruit flavor and so smooth. I couldn't tell you what fruit flavors they are and neither will Nebula Vapor. If you can guess correctly they will send you a free 100ml bottle for Free! The eGo-U starter kit is awesome. You have a charger for 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers that you can replace for just a few bucks. Back to my quest. It was very hard! Very very hard! Still is! It takes a tremendous amount of WILL, determination, and most of all being ready is the most important part. I was ready and that's why I am happy to inform everyone that I am SMOKE FREE and a big reason why is Nebula Vapor! Without their knowledge and direction I would still be like most people are about vaping, completely clueless. 
I tracked my progress on my iPhone Smoke Free app on iTunes. It's free and tells you exactly how long you've been smoke free down to the second, your health, money you've saved, amount of cigarettes you haven't smoked, and more. Seeing exactly what your missing in this case is another big helper. Seeing is believing in this case. Seeing how much money I was saving was a huge eye opener too. You can save so much money really it's true.
For EXAMPLE say you smoke a pack (20 cigs) a day:
$6.50 (estimate) per pack = $45.50 a week = $182 a month = $2,184 a year
That's a lot of money to spend a year on a nasty habit.
For EXAMPLE say you vape 30ml a month:
Purchasing from Nebula Vapor your spending only $15 on e-liquid instead of $182 on cigarettes. That's a savings of $167 a month and a whopping $2,004 a year. Keep in mind depending on what kind of e-cigarette you choose replacement pieces will be needed ranging around an additional $3 - $12 a month. So there are many benefits of switching to e-cigarettes if you a current smoker. Tremendous health benefits and a whole lot of money back in your pocket!! I am so glad I found Nebula Vapor! They really are out of this world!!
With there wide variety of smooth flavors and huge selection of products, they're your one stop shot. If your looking to quit smoking, find an alternative to smoking or currently vaping and clueless of the awesomeness that is Nebula Vapor, now you know where to look.
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