Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman Book Review!

Tired of reading the same thing over and over but from a different author? I was too. The same plots that I was always able to predict. The same outcome that really left me irritated that I wasted my time reading. I really love to read paranormal romance fiction books. When I come across something worth my time and yours, oh trust me I share. That's why I am keying you in on this awesome book by Robyn Peterman. Not only is she a wonderful author but she knows how to keep you guessing. A breath of fresh air and quirky. I have honestly never read anything remotely close to her book. In Fashionably Dead the characters have mouths of sailors and that not only shows you just how original she is but how unique of a writer Robyn is. It's fresh, upbeat and unpredictable. Really I kid you not! The plot is not a cookie cutter that has just been rearranged. It is unlike anything I have ever read. You will agree I know. This book not only lours you in but hooks you so you can't stop reading. Turning to the next page is never enough, this beginning to an awesome series is sure to leave everyone wanting more. Everything is written perfectly! It has it all; funny, sad, love, hate, danger, happiness, lust, turmoil, and well.. you name it, it's in there. I am so ecstatic to have come across Fashionably Dead by Robyn Peterman! The only downfall is waiting until March 2014 for the next book to the series to come out. Counting the days and trying not to bite my nails in suspense.
Just a taste of the book: 
It was my first full day of being dead and it sucked. 
I wavered between total freak out and dead calm mode…it just depended on the minute. Right now I was clam. I dutifully sat on the couch, pen and notebook in hand. I was wearing my favorite worn-in red tag Levis, a totally cool vintage Tony the Tiger t-shirt and some killer Prada flats. Being dead had a few advantages, I filled out my jeans and my t-shirts like a Playboy centerfold. The girls were amazing. I was a full C cup and they stood at attention even without a bra, which was a good thing considering none of my bras fit anymore. Of course I was also dead, couldn’t breath and had no idea if my hair was alright because I had no fucking reflection. Of course on the flip side, my vision and hearing had also sharpened to the point I felt bionic. Not to mention my sense of smell, I’d almost passed out when I walked by my garbage can earlier. Why in the hell could I smell things if I couldn’t breathe?

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BOOK #1: Fashionably Dead  - GENRE: Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHER: Self-Published - RELEASE DATE: Aug 2013


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