808 Studio Matte Black Headphones Review!

 I have always been an avid music lover, the sounds and beats lour me right in. You can't get the full experience of what music really offers if your using crappy speakers and headphones. Search no more with Audiovox's 808 Studio Matte Black Headphones ($99+), which feature the now-requisite plastic arc frame and over-ear cushioning, available in three color options: glossy black, glossy white, and matte black. Includes 40mm drivers inside, plus two sets of cables; one with a one-button remote and mic, the other without; a carrying case, and 1/8" adapter. You will not only get you moneys worth but feel like you owe them from the complete awesomeness that has been brought to your ears!
Here's the reason for getting the 808 headphones: they sound like they cost twice as much as the sticker price. The 808's set of 40-mm drivers delivered rich, clear audio that was well balanced across genres. You can feel the music moving through your skull. That's right, you heard me. When listening to "Pink Floyds' - Welcome To The Machine", I was completely blown away. That's not only an awesome song but a great way to test out the quality of your headphones. These headphone are by far the best headphones I have ever had the pleasure of having touch my ears. They fit my tiny head perfectly and the padding on the top band ensured a comfortable fit. The headphones blast amazing sound into your ears and no one can hear you. It's like a private concert! I hooked them up to my iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 (husbands), iPad (daughters), Stereo, Laptop, and Fender Amp (husbands). No issues with connection and sound quality never wavered. My husband is a huge music lover, even more than me. Hence his Fender guitar collection. He was the possible deal breaker when it came to these headphones. Let's just say he loved them and didn't want to give them back. Guitar players love to jam out as much as they can but with a little one trying to sleep headphones are the only option. So finding an awesome set is a must. As for me I watch shows I'm catching up on on my laptop at night and keeping things quite is a must. Listening to my favorite show with these headphones was so awesome, I felt like I was in the audience of the show. Seriously! I jam out using my iPhone to my choice of music while doing laundry and other chores, these made it so fun. My daughter has the pleasure of using them with her iPad, she was very happy. Being non-verbal Autistic she didn't need to say a word for me to be able to read the huge smile on her face. Well and the fact she didn't want to give them back to me either. They did not irritate her little head or ears and fit her like a glove too. Over all I am greatly impressed with the overall quality of the 808 headphones!

Product Details:      
*Foldable design     
*Durable carrying case     
*Detachable, tangle-free cables     
*Driver: 40mm (dynamic range)     
*Sensitivity: 105 +/- 3 dB     
*Rated power: 20mW     
*Max power: 60mW     
*Impedance: 32 ohm +/- 15%     
*Frequency response: 20-20Khz     
*6.3mm adapter included     
*Flat cable w/ mic or DJ-style cable
About 808 Studio Quality Sound:
Our Inspiration. Our Voice. With 808s you don't just listen to music. You feel it. Raw snare hits. Crackling handclaps. Deep, aggressive bass kicks. With balance and crystal-clear clarity. With uncompromising quality, comfort, and convenience. Hear it the way the artist hears it...the way it was intended to be heard.  From headphones to earbuds to wireless speakers, the 808 line of products offers studio-quality audio at an attractive price that's music to your ears.

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