5 Ways To Help Your Posture!

Using the computer, carrying a purse, driving, and many other activities can reek havoc on your back and neck. Maintaining your posture when your engaged in these activities is the key. Last thing you need is for your back to hurt all the time from your own doing. It is understood that that isn't always the case. Below you will find a few ways to help your posture that I have compiled that actually help reduce the chance of a hunch and alleviate pain. Many more benefits too!!

At the computer:
Keep your feet flat on the floor and your eyes are level with your computer monitor. If you have a tall chair and desk, use a footrest to keep your feet resting flat.  Make sure your chair supports the curve in your lower back and your shoulder blades. Take regular breaks to walk around the office for 60 seconds (standing improves posture). 
*Do this 5 times over the workday.*
**Try Not To Keep your legs extended or crossed for long periods. To minimize stress on your joints keep ankles, knees, and hips at 90-degree angles.

When Carrying a Purse:
Split a heavy load between two bags, and carry one on each shoulder.
**Try No To Use the same shoulder every day. Your body elevates the shoulder carrying the bag, which throws your spine off-kilter.

When Wearing Heals:
Be more aware of your posture when you wear heels. Make sure your ears, shoulders, and hips stay aligned as you walk. Save sky-high pairs (more than 3 inches) for events when you don’t have to stand or walk a lot, especially if you feel unbalanced or experience discomfort after wearing them.
**Try Not To Walk more than a few blocks in high heels. Wear flats and switch shoes later. Heels negatively affect your gait by making you arch your back, which causes your belly to pooch out. Walk on only the balls of your feet, use the whole foot.

In The Car:
Keep the seat at a 90-degree angle. Use a small pillow behind your lower back for extra support. Tilt your rearview mirror up a little bit. This will help your posture by making you sit up straighter to see out the back window. You should still be able to see clearly out the back.
**Try Not To Sit too far away from the steering wheel. Stretching your legs out can strain your back. Your knees should be level with your hips.

In Bed:
Place a pillow under your knees if you sleep on your back. By causing knees to bend slightly, this keeps your spine naturally curved. Snooze on your stomach, side or back is better. If resting on your side is uncomfortable, place a pillow between your knees for more spinal support. This will relieve pressure on lumbar joints and adjust alignment.

Now that you know a few proven methods of helping your posture, try to implement them when you can. At first it will feel uncomfortable but that is due to the continuous poor posture your back is used to. The more and more your posture is benefited the less and less foreign will these regiments feel. Before you know it, you will be complimented on how awesome your posture is and your back pain will decrease or disappear. Not only that, ladies you may look a few pounds thinner and your chest and bottom will be more prominent! Circulation will begin to flow a lot better also and that is just a few of the many ways better posture can be so worth it!