StoryBots - Free: Apps, Staring You Videos, ABC Videos, Activity Sheets & More!!

Have you heard about STORYBOTS?
My daughter absolutely loves StoryBots! StoryBots produces apps and content such as “Starring You” videos and books and ABC videos. These apps allow users to insert their child’s face and name into a story or music video, much like a JibJab eCard. Apps designed for parents include “Beep & Boop”(intended to make a game out of teaching good behavior) and Coin Flip (which flips a coin to settle disputes among children). So much is available to you for free! No Ads! No Unsafe Links!

ABC Videos by StoryBots: Get This App For Free!!
Ready for a fresh take on music and videos that teach the alphabet? This series of 26 one-minute rockin’ music videos helps kids identify the shapes and sounds of letters -- AND chases away the “Kids Music Makes Me Want to Bang My Head Against the Wall” blues!
More Free StoryBot Apps:  
*Tap and Sing by StoryBots – Free, Fun Music Educational App to Learn Notes, 
Chords, and Melodies for Kids, Preschool, Toddlers
*Learning Videos by StoryBots – Educational Games for Kids, Preschool, Toddler
*Beep & Boops By StoryBots - Define the behaviors you’re working on, set custom goals
 and rewards, celebrate victories and coach your child towards better decisions.

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