Free Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation Kit!

I love this! Every few years I grow my hair out very long and get it cut super short. Leaving a beautiful ponytail that someone in need can use very badly. I send my ponytail in and they use it to make a wig for someone. Now that's awesome knowing! Go ahead and order your kit by following the link below.
The kit contains a return envelope with prepaid postage, ponytail cutting instruction sheet, up to $30 rebate form, a Ziplock bag for your ponytail and a Pantene Beautiful Lengths bonus bag.  
You will receive your kit in 2-6 weeks.  
*Program runs from 9/1-10/31/13. Kits begin shipping on 9/16/13. Pantene Beautiful Lengths helps women fighting cancer receive free, real-hair wigs. They’ve given over 3 million dollars to strengthen the cause.