ALERT: Don't Leave Your Wallet, Purse or Any Valuables In Your Vehicle! (Even For Less Than a Minute)

There has been a rash of break-ins in which purses and wallets were stolen from tons of cars in Day Care and School Parking lots. Vandals have been breaking into vehicles since their existence, this we know. A thief trend has been popping up lately targeting parents leaving their car for a minute. They scope the place and wait to see if a purse/wallet has been carried inside by the vehicle driver. When none is to be seen, BAM! broken window and valuables are gone in mere seconds. Even better for the crook, the door is unlocked and they nab your purse/wallet even quicker. The thieves use licenses from the wallets to trick bank tellers into giving them money from the victims' accounts. Some thieves steal the vehicle later or even worse, go to your home and take the thieving to a whole nother level. Many parents are busy and don't want to carry their purses, so they think that hiding them in a car seat will be OK. But that's not so, regardless of whether people lock their car doors or not. BEWARE: Take your valuables with you regardless if you'll only be away from your car for a minute. Carry a special light weight bag or clutch with you for those drop off and pick up moments. It's a horrible crime but be your own advocate and save yourself from being a victim.

Car window broken. (Photo by Getty Images)