DIY Band-Aid Colored Tip French Manicure!

Tired of paying to get your nails done up all pretty?
Did you know you can do it yourself? All you need is:

*Time (about an hour total)
*Nail File
*Cuticle Trimmers
*Nail Clippers
*Colored and Clear Nail Polish
Here is what you need to do:
*Remove any existing nail polish with your choice of nail polish remover.
*File or clip your nails. Remove any access cuticle exposure. File your nails so the top is curved into a frown shape. You also want your nails to look as clean as possible, so clipping them and cleaning them before applying polish is essential for the professional nail look.
*After perfecting the shape of your clean nails, you want to begin applying the Band-Aids. 
*Take five Band-Aids (I used The Muppets Band-Aids) out of their package and cut them in half. You then want to take off the paper so the adhesive sticks to your nail. Decide how small or wide you want the white to show on the top of your nail and stick the Band-Aid on and apply pressure. You want the Band-Aid to really stick so the white nail polish does not seep through onto the rest of your nail. (I did not need to trim them, they were perfect)
*Repeat this process to all of your fingers.
*Apply two coats of your choice of nail polish to the tips of your finger nails. 
Painting the Band-Aid will not show on the rest of your nail.
*After all your nails are painted wait a good 10 minutes then carefully peel the Band-Aid off. 
Take your time on this step, you do not want to mess up all of your hard work!
*Apply two coats of clear nail polish to each of your nails.
BAM! You are finished! 
Wait about 30 minutes before doing any activities that will mess up your finger nails.
Now you can Do It Yourself and save tons of money!
Beware, your friends will love them and bug you to do their nails.
Send them to this simple tutorial and enjoy the compliments!!