45 DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids!

Halloween costumes are so fun. Did you know you make one for your child and save tons of money? It's true and no need to be Miss. Crafty Queen either. Below you will find 45 of the cutest Halloween costumes complete with step by step instructions!

1. Little Red Riding Hood (Tutorial + Photo)
2. Sunflower (Tutorial + Photo + Video)
3. Lego Block (Tutorial + Photo)
4. Cupcake Chef (Tutorial + Photo)
5. Paper Doll (Tutorial + Photos)
6. Chocolate Chip Cookie (Tutorial + Photos)
7. Lego Indiana Jones (Tutorial + Photos)
8. Banana Split (Easy Tutorial + Photo)
9. Maggie Simpson (Basic Tutorial + Photo)
10. Little Lamb (Tutorial + Photo)
11. Baby: Skeleton Costume (Tutorial + Adorable Photos)
12. Alice in Wonderland (Tutorial + Photos)
13. Monarch Butterfly (Tutorial + Photo)
14. Baby Money Bags (Tutorial + Photos)
15. Robot (Tutorial + Photo)
16. Pink Poodle + 17 other costumes (Tutorials + Photos)
17. Baby Raggedy Ann (Photo)
18. Cute Bunny Rabbit (Tutorial + Photos)
19. Simple Duck Costume (Tutorial + Photo)
20. Circus Acrobat (Tutorial + Photos)
21. Baby Octopus (Simple Tutorial + Photo)
22. Little Devil (Tutorial + Photo)
23. Pig in a Blanket (Tutorial + Photos)
24. No-Sew Jack-O-Lantern (Tutorial + Photos + Video)
25. Raining Cats & Dogs (Tutorial + Photo)
26. Recycled Witch Costume (Easy Tutorial + Photo)
27. Knight (Tutorial + Photo)
28. Three Blind Mice (Tutorial + Photos)
29. Statue of Liberty (Tutorial)
30. Skunk (Tutorial + Photo)
31. Can of Soup (Tutorial + Photo)
32. Super Heroes (Tutorial + Photos)
33. Cute-A-Saurus (Tutorial + Photo)
34. ADORABLE Pink Owl (Tutorial + Photos)
35. Muscle Man (Tutorial + Photos)
36. Angry Birds (Tutorial + Photos)
37. Mummy Baby (Tutorial + Photos)
38. Beautiful & Bright Peacock (Basic Tutorial + Photos)
39. King & Queen (Tutorial + Photos)
40. Magician (Tutorial + Photo)
41. Unisex Sock Monkey (Tutorial + Photos)
42. Rapunzel Hair (Tutorial + Photos)
43. Grocery Bag Costumes (Lots of tutorials)
44. Snowball (Tutorial + Photo)
45. Toy Story No-Sew (Tutorial + Photos)

It's mind boggling to think of all the wonderful Halloween costumes you can make with your own two hands. Not only will you save money but you will have a custom costume for your child made with love! Take your pick or pick a few, they are a sure hit for your kiddo and mom approved!



  1. I was just mentioning to my Mom the other day how I seemed to remember that Halloween costumes were all "home made" back when I was a child. She told me I had a good memory--I wonder when suddenly they became store bought?

  2. I like to think of myself as a bit crafty but not really :) Great to see that there are so many costumes that I can make without breaking the bank. Great pictures, I pinned it!

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

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