How To Make a Yummy Grilled Cheese Sandwich With a Standard Toaster!

This is such a great idea I had to share.
For those of you who love grilled cheeses and want them fast,
this is for you!! Just a few minutes and your done!

They are so easy to make!
All you need is a standard toaster, bread, and cheese.
*Lay out your bread and place your desired cheese on one side of
each piece of bread. (Do not stack to high with cheese)
*Turn your toaster on its side.
*Place your prepped cheese bread in the toaster.
*Push the lever down on your toaster to pull prepped pieces inside.
*Watch the magic happen!
(Click Image To Enlarge)
BAM! Two yummy pieces with melted cheese will pop out of your toaster.
Put the two pieces together and there you have it.
A YUMMY Grilled Cheese made in minutes with only your toaster!