DIY Glass Bead Bookmark with Ribbon Page Marker!

If you love to read books then you probably use a bookmark right?
Of course you do, just as long as your not using a Kindle.
I love these beautiful glass accent beads I found at my local hobby store.
There are tons to choose from in all different colors.
Just looking at them I thought, "These would make a great bookmark".
I also wanted something a little more accented.
"Oooh, how about adding a ribbon page marker to it". Bingo! That was it!

You will need:
*Hot Glue Gun
*Glass Beads (Hobby Store)
Steps to make these beautiful bookmarks with ribbon page markers:
(steps also shown above)
1. Lay your ribbon down and place your paperclip on top.
Take a dot of hot glue and put it on the paperclip tip.
2. Fold over your ribbon onto the glue dot and press.
3. Trim off access ribbon from the back for a clean look.
Flip over and glue your bead flat side down onto the top and press.
4. Paperclip your new bookmark to the back off your book.
Mark a page and then trim off the ribbon that comes out of the 
bottom of your book to your desired length.
That's it! 
Just keep it clipped in the back of your book and use the ribbon to mark your page!
You will not only enjoy this, it's super fast to make, and pretty.