DIY Frugal All Natural Stainless Steel Cleaner + Shiner!

Want a way to clean your sink, make it shine, save some money,
and keep the harsh chemicals far far away?
There are plenty of inexpensive natural alternatives to use as a sink cleaner. 
Vinegar & Baking Soda can knock the ugly grime right out of your Stainless Steel Sink.  
What You Will Need: 
*Baking soda 
This is how you get it Beautiful:
-Before the cleaning, wash and remove any dishes inside the sink. 
-Remove any solid particles such as vegetable peelings /food residue
-First mix lime juice (few drops ) and baking soda and make it into a paste.
-Use this mix on the wet kitchen sink.
**Leave paste to set for 5 minutes on sink (shown above) tell chalky.
-Using a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge, wipe the sink and wash away.
-After cleaning the sink, pour some vinegar on a damp cloth or sponge.
Vinegar is an excellent cleaner and it gives a shiny look to the sink.
BAM!! Then your own sink will be as clean as the sink above.
So shiny and so clean! No harsh chemicals on your hands!
If there are any dark stain/spots, use a paste of cream of tartar and lime on it.
Add few drops of lime juice on cream of Tartar & make a paste.
Use it on the tough stain and rub it.
***Tips & Warnings:***
Never use metal scrub brushes to clean the sink surface. These can seriously damage the sink and leave scratches and marks on the metal. Instead, use a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge to clean stainless steel. Don’t leave wet sponges or cloths on the edge of the sink. Use a separate spot to keep them, so that the wet material isn't resting on the steel. This will avoid any rust developing on the sink surface.

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