Tips For Signing Up For FREE Stuff & Prizes!

The best freebies require your name and address, that's it. But not all of them make it that easy.
Here are a few tips to help you when signing up!
Phone Number:
*Do not use your real phone number, unless you either want to hear from the company, 
or know that you need to verify in order to receive the free item you requested.
*Some require you to sign up for their monthly or even daily emails.
Instant Win & Sweepstakes usually require you to create an account or register.
Make an extra email address, through a place such as Yahoo, or Gmail. 
This will keep you from getting any spam in your normal email account.
Be careful to check the official rules of a contest in case they notify winners by email. 
Faster Sign Up:
*Try using Google Chrome or similar auto fill option. 
This will automatically fill in your contact information with just a few clicks.
First ???:
*Many offers have a limited stated amount alerting you to sign up fast.
Meaning if it says available to the first 100 people, you better get a move on it.
Watch Out For FAKES:
*Some offers may have a series of offers needed to be completed in order to
request the free item. The ones below are SPAM. Do not sign up if see see them. 
Fine Print Examples:
(Click Image To Enlarge)
(Click Image To Enlarge)
*Others are a bit tricky, nothing appears to be spammy.. Then you submit your info.
and BAM! Up shows a POP UP and you WON 1 Billion Dollars. THAT'S SPAM.
*Companies offering freebies of their items but have nothing to sell. Spam.
*Facebook pages offering freebies but have no website at all. Spam.
Bottom Line:
Sign up for freebies through companies you trust.
If your unfamiliar with them, look into their information a bit.
Do not sign up for anything you are leery about.
Even the best freebie hunters can run into a fake every now again,
that's why it is best to proceed with caution.

**Everything posted on Frugal Mom and Wife is checked to ensure there is no spam.**