Sphere of Life Review & Necklace Giveaway! WINNER ANNOUNCED

Sphere of Life has teamed up with Frugal Mom and Wife 
to bring you this awesome review and giveaway!

Their vision was to create a special gift that will carry a sentimental message. 
They also wanted to make the moment of giving that special gift unforgettable.
Nailed it! The most gorgeous display of complete beauty!
Sphere of Life jewelry is made of sterling silver 925 and plated with rhodium, 
which is an expensive precious metal that is widely used for plating white gold jewelry.
 The rhodium plating enhances the shine and durability of the jewelry 
and prevents the silver from tarnishing!
 Many of their designs are also plated with 18k gold, creating a two-tone effect. 
Some designs are accented with semi-precious stones, 
cubic zircons, crystals, and colorful enamel.
 Every Sphere of Life necklace is packed in a pouch that’s inserted in a metallic 
sphere fabric lined box that comes inside a square, branded carton box. 
They started by designing the most unique gift box in the jewelry world!
A metallic sphere! Since they loved their sphere box so much – 
they decided to design all their pieces around the spherical theme.
Each design reflects a message or meaning from life, hence the Sphere of Life name.
In addition, they place a ‘Story Card’ inside the box, next the sphere, 
with the name and meaning of the item. A special added touch!
The story card is folded in two, leaving one side blank, and you are more 
than welcomed to add your personal message to it.
(Click Image for Larger View)
I had the honor of reviewing the "My Missing Piece" necklace.
This special necklace, featuring a jigsaw puzzle that is missing one piece,
 is meant for the one that makes you whole. 
The My Missing Piece necklace is the perfect gift to represent the one who, 
just like that one last puzzle piece... Completes you.
That would be my beautiful daughter, who has Autism.
Some of you may know that in the ASD community that a 
missing puzzle piece is interpreted differently by different people. 
To some, the symbol is simply a reflection of the idea that 
autism spectrum disorders are puzzles that have not yet been solved. 
To others, the autism puzzle piece, since it is not part of a larger puzzle, 
reflects that children who have autism are themselves pieces of the puzzle that do not fit in. 
To others still it represents the mechanical nature of an ASD individual's thought process.
All of the above is why I chose this piece.
It shows awareness in such a elegantly beautiful way.
I absolutely love this necklace!!
Sphere of Life really knows what their doing when it comes to jewelry.
The sphere box they designed especially for each necklace is exquisite.
Everything about Sphere of Life screams "Awesome!".
Here is your chance to win your very own necklace!!
1 Winner will get to choose any necklace available from Sphere of Life!
US Residents Only!
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 ENDS 8/1 at 12:00AM EST
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  1. I love the Infinity Sphere Necklace

  2. I love the daisy sphere, it is very whimsical and flirty...great for days where you just feel girly.

  3. Absolutely in love with the July Birthstone!

  4. I think the Unity Sphere is perfect!

  5. i really would love the missing piece necklace. this would symbolize my fiance and our son who really were my missing pieces. this would also show my support for autism awareness and support for my friends and family who live with autism every day.

  6. There are two in particular that I would love to get. Missing Piece, because my new family is pieced together of my closest friends, and Flow, which is gorgeous, and would make the current of life so much easier to bear when I have a reminder to just go with the flow.

  7. Infinity because I will always love my family

  8. I love Baby Steps because I have 3 children and that would symbolize them.

  9. I love the infinity, but would really enjoy any of them! They're amazing!

  10. I like MY MISSING PIECE because it makes me think of my husband

  11. Love struck- loving my family is one thing I will always have


  13. I am In love with the Ring MY BELL necklace! I love the way it is made! I love a lot of their pieces :)

  14. I actually really love the My Missing Piece. Idk even know why, I just really love it. I wouldn't mind having any of them though because they are gorgeous!

  15. I like the love struck and the daisies.

  16. I want to win the Circle of Love necklace because I love the gold & silver together.

  17. I like this one
    August Birthstone - Peridot because it is my birthstone

  18. I like the daisies one because I'm getting married in 2015 and daisies are going to be a bit of theme.

  19. I would love the My Missing Piece for a gift to my mom. I have moved away from home and she is always begging for me to come back. This would symolize me as her missing piece.

  20. I like the one with the devil horns, and the snail.

  21. I would love to win the My Missing Piece one!

  22. I like the missing piece necklace


  23. I like the October Birthstone necklace because that is my birth month and I also like the Baby Steps because I have a baby on the way!


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