Free Curious George at the Zoo App!

Developed by one of the world’s largest providers of educational materials for Pre-K–12 learning, 
Curious George at the Zoo is a fun, engaging, and entertaining app that will also 
support your child’s learning and development along the way.

Is your child curious about animals? Curious George is!
George has been asked to help out at the zoo. 
George needs your child’s help to wake, clean, and feed the animals.
Features and benefits:
*Pop-up Menu*
• Explore the zoo using a beautiful, interactive, 3D pop-up menu.
• Listen to lively audio narration by the Man with the Yellow Hat.
*Animal Enclosure*
• Visit animals in their individual zoo enclosures.
• Wake up the animals by patting, rocking, and talking to them.
• Learn what foods the animals like to eat, and find out what they don’t like!
• Collect fun stickers for completing tasks. You can use the stickers to create pictures in the sticker album.
• Develop hand-eye coordination by dragging, tapping, rubbing, and more.
• Watch movies of each animal in its natural habitat.
• Learn fun and interesting facts about the animals from the Man with the Yellow Hat.
• Each region comes with a super game to play that reinforces and extends learning across a number of core areas including
• Memory skills
• Sorting ability
• Reasoning skills
• Collect stickers when you play each game.
*Sticker Album*
• You can make zoo pictures using stickers and backgrounds, and you can save your favorites!
• Pick from zoo backgrounds or use your own photos and save pictures to your child’s photo album.
(Must be connected to WiFi for initial download)