Where Are All The Posts At? Site Update!

Many of you have probably noticed a huge lack of deals, freebies, and more on this site lately.
I am moving residences!! 
My husband and I finally made our way to being first time home buyers!
While super exciting, the amount of time I have available has been closing on our new home,
packing, and of course taking care of my family at the same time.
While this transition is almost over, it's not quite complete.
With that said, Frugal Mom and Wife will be limited on posts for the time being but
will in fact be back posting like crazy as before very soon.
Bare with me for a few more weeks and we'll be back in full swing.
While I do not want to deprive anyone of the awesome things I normally post,
be sure that it is only temporary and for a sort period of time.
You will continue to see posts of all I can spare the additional time for so do keep a look out.
Thank you all for being loyal fans!