Free Haircuts for Kids at JCPenney Salons Every Sunday? *Select Salons* EXPIRED

8/1-8/31 JCPenney ran a HOT Back to School promotion! 
They gave children in K-6th grade all over the US a FREE haircut.
It was such a hit and made such a huge impact, it's back to stay!
Not just back, but permanently BACK!
Every Sunday kids get Free Haircuts!
Click Here To Find Your Nearest Location!
*Call ahead and make an appointment and make sure your location is honoring this offer.
- This offer was stated last year 2012 and promoted as permanent.
However, most JCP stores did not end up honoring this promotion to continue.
When declaring this promotion, "permanent" to them means "limited time".
If you live in a location that does happen to still offer this, please comment below.
**Right now most stores are offering $10 haircuts for back to school 2013.