DIY Wooden ABC Block Storage Box UNDER $20!

I came across this at my local Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist.
My 3 year old absolutely loves letters and her blocks so much.
Not only does she love them but she has a nice mess of them all over our home.
What better way to solve the messy ABC Block situation but with an ABC Block Storage Box!
Hobby Lobby has this particular storage box marked at an everyday price of $19.99.
It's the BIG one 1ft cubed to be exact and included hinges and magnet embedded closure!
Sometimes they mark the unfinished wood at 50% off but that's rare and I couldn't wait.
I used a convenient 40% off Any Full Priced Item MOBILE coupon to get it down to $12!
I couldn't leave it all unfinished and boring so I had to hit up the paint section.
I picked out 10 different colors all originally marked $1.09 but currently on sale for 30% off.
Making all my paints cost $7.60 for all 10.

Using a handy dandy sponge brush I already had (Only $.50 at store), I went to painting.
But first finely sand off any rough spots and clean off dust and shavings.
I used 2 different colors for each side and masked off the edges to get a fine paint edge.
Viola!! $19.60 later I have a personally painted ABC storage box for all my daughters blocks!

**If your feeling crafty and got an itch for painting, go check out your local craft store.
You can find all sorts of unfinished wood items you can personalize yourself super cheap!

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