Pre-Order Your Very Own iPotty for iPad! What's Your Opinion?

Pre-Order your very own iPotty due to release March 1, 2013!
When I came across this new item for potty training I really didn't know what to think.
Good? Bad? It really depends on how you look at it really.
Some may look at like a waste of money, while others look at like a stress saver.
Especially the parents that spend countless stressful hours keeping their children from having 
a meltdown and entertained while trying to learn to use the potty, see this as a release.
At the same time, is the iPotty just to much for a toddler or just plain ridiculous??
Overall I think if it's something your interested in getting, get it.
Amazon will release it at the price of  $39.99 including shipping.
It keeps the iPad locked it on an adjustable made to fit platform attached to a potty.
Includes a touch screen guard and even has a 360* adjustable neck to change screen views.
Pre-Order your very own Digital 2in1 iPotty with activity seat for iPad here.

What I really want to know is what you think of the iPotty and be honest.
Comment below with your opinion on the iPotty. (keep it family friendly)


  1. I don't know either but I think I'm going to tryone out, even if it's just to have a break twice a week.

  2. I don't even have an iPad let alone let my child use one near water or pee. But if I did, I'd probably get one. :)

  3. These would be great for my special needs class, thanks so much for sharing! I wouldn't know about tons of awesome stuff if it wasn't for you.

  4. I think their cool. Thx for sharing <3

  5. I think for the mom who is at wits end, this is the answer. (if they have an iPad) I'm getting this for my grand babies.

  6. Kinds weird but not a bad price. :)

  7. Wish it came in pink...

  8. It's actually a pretty good concept. Don't have kids but I shared with my friends that do. Thank you for sharing, it's kinda weird too. lol.


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