DIY: Custom iPhone 4 Case Under $2

With all the pretty cases out there, it can get quite expensive buying all sorts 
of designer cases. I recently came across this gorgeous scrapbook paper 
and thought it would look awesome on my phone but how? I located an i
inexpensive 2 pack of clear iPhone cases and once they arrived  
I alerted the crafter in me to get to work. 
1st: I took my paper face down and traced around the case.
2nd: I then cut the outline of the case with scissors.
3rd: Took an exacto knife to cut out the fine details of the camera hole.
4th: Place inside iPhone case. (no adhesion required)
Viola! A custom iPhone case with my lovely scrapbook paper!
Now anytime I get bored with the design I cut out a new design.
(Click Image For Larger View)
You can find all sorts of deals on scrapbook paper almost everywhere.
Make it more personal by inserting a picture of loved ones, school mascot, 
bands, businesses, the possibilities are endless and fun.

Right now you can get a 2 pack of clear iPhone 4/4s cases for 
The cases arrived perfectly clear and very durable, 
you get way more than what your paying.
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