Wrap It Up! with Klutz Sweeps! (on Facebook) 10 Weekly Winners!

Wrap It Up! with Klutz Sweeps! 
(on Facebook) 
10 Weekly Winners!
(10) Prizes are available each week. (Prizes change each week)
(1) Prize Pack which includes the following Klutz book titles:
 (1) Window Art
 (1) Twirled Paper
(1) Stencil Art
(1) Draw Star Wars
 (1) Spiral Draw
(1) Write in White Doodle Journal
(1) Sticker Design Studio
(1) Face Painting
(1) Paper Stained Glass
 (1) Splat Art.
10/30 - 11/4
**Enter once each week. 
Above is this weeks prize, 6 out of 10 weeks of giveaways!**