Get Paid Back For Shopping Online! Redeem as Paypal, Check, or Amazon Gift Card!

A great way to get a little back for all your Holiday shopping.
I just started my Holiday shopping on Thanksgiving and so far have over
$12+ coming back to me by my choice of Paypal deposit.
You don't need a Paypal account or have payment sent by check anymore.
You can now get an Amazon gift card instead for your cash back payment!!
Every 3 months, Ebates will send you your cash back to use however you like.
All you do is log into your Ebates account when you are about to check out and pay.
For example, you have all the items ready in your cart at Target,
log into Ebates and type in Target, click the link and it will then take you back to 
Target's website, you can then check out and get a % back for your purchase!
Not only that, if your not a member yet, when you sign up and make your 
first $25 purchase through there site, you get a $10 gift card for Free!
They are even giving cash back shopping on Amazon!!
See the image above to see for yourself, I have already received $124.68 cash back!