Mixed Bag Designs Review & Giveaway! 2 WINNERS! (10/26* - 11/2*) WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Mixed Bag Designs Review & Giveaway! 
to bring you the awesome giveaway with 2 winners!
When I shop I like to bring my own bags, 
I love knowing using them keeps several plastic bags out of a landfill. 
Why stop there? Who says being green has to mean being plain.
With Mixed Bag Designs you will always have a beautiful bag,
with so many designs to choose from and all recycled but durable!
Each bag is made from woven polypropylene. 
One of the most popular plastics for making food containers like yogurt cups. 
10-40% of the polypropylene used in their bags is recycled from post consumer use. 
Most of their bags can also hold up to 50 lbs, WOW!
That is because of the plastic fibers woven into the bags.
Each and every product carried is made with recycled materials!
I was lucky enough to have the honor of reviewing the bags shown above.
They are by far the best bags I have ever used. 
The quality is outstanding and design is so vibrant.
All bags have wonderful stitching and secure seems.
I didn't have to worry a bit when putting 2 gallons of milk in one bag.
Typical reusable bags are known for giving out under massive weight.
Mixed Bag Designs bag are not typical, they are above and beyond awesome!
Here is the chance for not 1 but 2 winners to get a $25 Gift Card! 
Gift Card can be applied to shipping too!
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