Free $5 Hot Topic, Land's Ends, Sephora, and More Gift Cards!

Free $5 Hot Topic, Land's Ends, 
Sephora, and More Gift Cards!
Simply Facebook connect to MyGiftWand,
pick a friend you would like to send a Free Card to
(it does not need to be their birthday),
when sending it ask for the options of posting on wall or email.
(you may enter your own email)
Click send and it will immediately be emailed. They will need to claim it by also
accessing the app through Facebook. You will not be able to redeem for yourself,
unless you have access to another Facebook account.
Otherwise your friend will be able to print and redeem the gift right away, that's not all.
You can continue to use the app and send gift card to your friends on their birthdays
and many other special occasions, You can use up all the free gift cards daily,
but only send to one friend at a time. Way awesome and Free!
All free cards will clearly state underneath.
*Be careful that once you select a card whether sent or not, 
it will be unavailable once selected. Be sure of the friend your sending to.