Keep Frugal Mom and Wife In Your News Feed on Facebook! Never Miss a Post!!

Keep Frugal Mom and Wife In Your News Feed! 
(on facebook)
Never Miss a Post!!
Are you missing Facebook posts? Here is a solution!! 
Make sure you click "show in my news feed" in order to make sure you stay up to
 date with all the latest giveaways, freebies, deals, sweepstakes, coupons, and more!
and hover over the 'liked' button (or 'like' us if you haven't already)  
to reveal a 'new list' option, which you'll then click.  
** Make sure that on this dropdown menu 'Show in News Feed'
 has a checkmark next to it while you're doing this. 
If it doesn't, first click on that, and then continue.  
* Name your list FMandW (or whatever you like).  
* Hover over the little pencil to the left of your new FMandW's group name 
and press 'add to favorites'.  You're done - it's that easy!