Forget Your Coupons at Home? Target Has You Covered!!

Forget Your Coupons at Home? 
Target Has You Covered!!
Target is one of the best stores to combine all those glorious coupons at!
Whether printable, manufacturer, or Target printable: they can all be combined.
For those who didn't bring their pile of coupons or coupon binder to
the store and saw a sweet deal and you have a coupon for it, it's just at home.
Don't worry, Target has a missed coupon policy.
That means, you bought that item without a coupon but your coupon is at home,
take your receipt and that coupon up to the store
and they will credit the coupon value back to you!!
How Awesome is that? Way Awesome!!
Now that you know about this sweet policy, call your local Target
and make sure they offer it, most all stores do!
Never miss a coupon deal again!!
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Combine those together and SAVE BIG!!
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plus Free Shipping Online!!**