Wendys Threads Contest- WIN Shirts, Gift Cards, or $5,000!!

Wendys Threads - 
WIN Shirts, Gift Cards, or $5,000!!
Wendy’s has launched a Facebook T-shirt design contest called Wendy Threads,
which encourages online fans to to design a tee that celebrates Wendy’s.
The person that gets the most votes for his Wendy Threads design will win $5,000
 and have their T-shirt sold at the Wendy’s online store.
Second-place winners get free food from Wendy’s for one year
 and 10 shirts with their design, says QSRWeb.com.
Online voters also get something for participating—they’ll be automatically
 entered to win a $50 Wendy’s gift card (out of 20 in total).
The brand will also donate proceeds from the T-shirt’s sales to
 the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption!