Rewards Program Just for Visiting Frugal Mom and Wife!! Earn Starbucks Gift Cards and More!!

  Rewards Program Just for 
Visiting Frugal Mom and Wife!!
Punch Tab is loyalty program where you can earn points for visiting my website, 
making comments or clicking Like or +1.  
So check out the “REWARDS” Button on the upper Left hand side of the page.
If you look to the left of this post you will see a “rewards”ribbon. 
All you need to do is connect with your Facebook account when you receive 
the pop-up and you’re all ready to start earning points!
You can earn up to 500 points daily! 
You’ll be able to redeem them for great rewards, 
like $5 Starbucks gift cards and $15 Groupon gift cards.
You can earn points  in the following ways:
*Visiting Frugal Mom and Wife daily
your first visit every day will earn you 100 points
*Liking a post through Facebook – 
for your first “Like”on any Frugal Mom and Wife
blog post every day will earn 100 points
for your first “Tweet”you will earn 100 points
*Google +1 – 
for your first Google +1 on your site every day
you will earn 100 points towards rewards
*Commenting – 
for your first comment on any Frugal Mom and Wife
blog post each day you will earn 100 points!
Make sure you are logged in by clicking the rewards ribbon.
Look for a tiny ribbon on different share options to get points.
**You’ll be able to cash in for a Starbucks gift card 
after only 17 days by earning 500 points each day!

~ Just another way Frugal Mom and Wife is Helping you be Frugal! ~


  1. What a great program! Is it automatic, or do we need to sign up somehow?

    1. You will need to be logged in through facebook when you visit my page, it automatically racks up your points for doing the daily tasks above. You can see all your points in the reward ledger too!

    2. Thank you! I think I'm figuring it out now. :-)

  2. I have a lot to learn, my daughter laughs at me when she watches me try to make my way around facebook!

  3. Thank you for doing this :)

  4. Do we need to re-login in through facebook everytime we visit your page?
    Rewards are fun :)

    1. Punchtab is connected through Facebook, in order for your points to be processes correctly you will need to be logged in. :)

  5. Very cool program thanks for the chance to get some fun stuff!! :)

  6. I have logged nto my facebook account and it won't give me points for liking posts, commenting or using Google +?? Can you help me please??

    1. It will only allow you to get points for curtain shares. Look for a ribbon beside a share but to get points for that, also when you click the "Rewards" ribbon on the left top of the page, it will also give you many tasks to claim points all at once. Now if you are doing the steps above and not getting points, I will be contacting Punchtab about the error. Please let me know any other way I can help. :)


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