I'm A Party Animal! I've RSVP'd to the Swagbucks Birthday Bash and entered to win $1000 - join me for your chance to win!

Swagbucks is turning 4 and celebrating by giving away
$1,000 to four lucky Swaggernauts.
Enter to win by RSVPing to their birthday celebration and joining one of two earning-filled fĂȘtes! Grab your swimsuit and party with The Swag Gal at her seaside celebration  with everything you could want to celebrate Swagbucks' 4th year! All day on the 27th the Swag Bucks you earn will count toward your party being the best - earn a bonus just for participating,  
with chances to multiply your bonus and earn additional bucks!
The celebration doesn't kick off until February 27th, but until then invite your friends to join you so they can be entered to win $1000. Come back on the 27th to earn for your party - the party that earns the most will be awarded a 10 Swag Bucks bonus to each of its participating partygoers. The runner up party will get 5 Swag Bucks. However, if you hit special goals as a group throughout the day, you'll reveal the image of your party piece by piece - reveal your whole picture before the 28th and your team's bonus is DOUBLED! Additionally, the top earner (or "Party Animal") at each bash will get a bonus of 400 Swag Bucks - that bonus ALSO gets doubled if the image gets uncovered.
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