FREE Touch Meditation, for Creative Visualization iOS App! {Normally $2.99}

Do you love to meditate? Do you need to relax and unwind? You are about to discover the most amazing app to achieve your inner Zen. Introducing Touch Meditation, designed specifically for your iPad / iPhone / iPod.
• Multi-touch = Multi-visual
• Unlimited colors on HD retina screen
• Manually adjust colors, animation speed, tail, size, and more
• Over 3,000 points on the screen at any time
• Animations move at 60 frames per second - faster than TV
• Watch on any HDTV screen via AirPlay

• 10 meditative and relaxing music tracks included
• Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
• Play/pause animations
• Capture any screen and save to your Photos

• Use up to 10 fingers in single player mode
• Discover hidden patterns and imagery at your own pace
• Leaderboard notes total time in meditation 

*Price is subject to change at any time. Please see your total before checking out.

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links.

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